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The bowel is not just some simple tube that food passes through. The gut represents some very important real estate in your body as it contains 70% of your immune system function, which impacts the brain directly as well as the cardiovascular system and every organ in your body. The cause of most degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease such as Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis is “inflammation” and the gut represents one of the most common sources of inflammation in our body. We pour sugar, processed foods, food chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and all sorts of nasty elements into our mouth and thru our digestive track each and every day, assaulting our immune system and thus creating a protective immune response that leads to inflammation. The health of our gut and immune system goes way beyond diet, and encompasses the impact of stress and toxins as they alter immune function. Simple gut problems such as gas, bloat, constipation, diarrhea and heartburn are often just symptoms of a much deeper problem. The good news is that this GI system is infinitely amenable to therapeutic interventions. It is quite common to eradicate years of symptoms in a matter of weeks. You do not have to live with IBS and it is not healthy to use “acid blocker” medications for more than a few weeks. We will identify the true cause your original insult and use natural products to restore gut function and return the immune system to a balanced state of “tolerance” and proper function. Key Points
  • Food and environmental allergy testing, and effective treatment that doesn’t involve “shots or needles”
  • Therapies to relieve heartburn, heal tissue and remove the chronic need for acid blocking medication
  • Restore immune balance to reduce the impact of autoimmune disease without drug therapy.
  • Understand the gut-brain connection and how brain pathology such as seizures, anxiety, depression, headaches, sleep disorder are connected.

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