Pharmacy Consultations

Are you frustrated, disappointed, or confused about your current treatment plan? We can help. We’ll help you take a broader look at what’s happening with your body, your health, your nutrition, and your life. Then we’ll work collaboratively with you and your prescriber to create a plan that extends beyond drugs and actually helps you get better.

Too often people are taking drugs that don’t work for them or simply cover up your symptoms instead of addressing the real cause. Traditional medicine doesn’t work for many people. One reason is that most drugs are prescribed to treat conditions that are caused by lifestyle, nutrition, and personal choice.

Through functional medicine, Central Drug addresses the physiological and environmental factors that influence health and disease. In other words, we focus on treating the cause of your problem, rather than just masking your symptoms.

This is especially true for hormone ­related issues. A cookie-cutter approach simply does not work. Our functional approach gets to the root of your problem. Then we develop integrative therapies that can help you get better—really get better.

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Personal Consultations

Standard Consult

Standard Consult
/ per appointment
  • 30-Minute Consult
  • Visit a Pharmacist or Nurse Practitioner
  • Health History Review
  • Custom Test Recommendations
  • Personal Supplement Recommendations
  • Notify Your Provider Of Your Customized Treatment Plan, Including Hormonal and Nutritional Recommendations

Premium Upgrade

Premium Upgrade
/ per appointment
  • Everything in the standard consultation
  • Customized Food Plan
  • Personalized Lifestyle App

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