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Does seeing my regular practitioner conflict with functional care?

Absolutely not. In fact the two are complimentary and the more personalized treatment you engage in the more likely that your regular practitioner will not find much “disease” to treat. If you are seeing your practitioner for treatment of things such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol issues, heart disease or other chronic inflammatory disease then functional care with personalized attention will aid your practitioner’s ability to gain a good result as your body becomes more capable of healing.

Should I tell my practitioner about my treatment here at Wellness.Balance.You.?

I would hope that you do. I think any practitioner dealing with you should be aware of all the facets of your health. Now that being said, it is quite likely that your primary care practitioner may not be familiar with natural therapies, as they are not taught in conventional medical or nursing school. Functional medicine is a specific fellowship program that practitioners pursue after medical school or nurse practitioner program. I am more than happy to speak with your provider to facilitate a cooperative understanding of how we can all work together to improve your health.

What if my practitioner tells me to stop using the supplements or nutritional therapies that you prescribe to me?

Simply ask your provider to explain “why” he/she is making this recommendation. They may have a very good reason for his/her concern.

Then again it may just be that they are unfamiliar with this therapy and unsure how to handle your questions. If you feel that this is the issue then simply have your practitioner contact my office and I would be perfectly happy to discuss your case and treatment with them. This is ideally how medical treatment works best, when two good minds collaborate to benefit the patient.

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