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As the leading sterile compounding pharmacy in the San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas, Central Drug provides individualized medicine to all our patients because we know that everyone’s needs are different. Along with our regular pharmacy services that we offer, we are also a sterile and non-sterile PCAB accredited pharmacy.

What We Do

In the 1950s and 1960s, compounding was the norm. Unfortunately, due to mass manufacturing, compounding is now a lost science that modern pharmacists aren’t even taught anymore. Central Drug is committed to bringing this science back because we believe that everyone is unique – so their medicine should be too!


Central Drug is a licensed PCAB-accredited establishment that exceeds USP guidelines. We use an ISO Class 7 sterilization room because we are committed to high-standard preparation.

The pharmacists at Central Drug make taking medications easy by providing different flavoring and consumption options.

At Central Drug, we offer high-quality medications to your pets with a Veterinarian prescription.


We can prepare the perfect medication for our athletic patients to ensure they are recovering from their injuries optimally.

Our staff at Central Drug will work with your child’s provider to prepare medications for your child that will help much better than over-the-counter products.

We provide quality dermatology products for our patients of all ages and all skin types.

Our Top Services

Eye Drops

We have many different options for eye drops to help relieve your eyes.

  • Serum Tears – Are you suffering from dry eyes? Experience relief with serum eye drops. Made from a patient’s blood diluted in sterile saline or hyaluronic acid, serum eye drops are composed of a complex mix of growth factors, proteins, antioxidants, and lipids. Meaning it is more akin to the components of human tears, providing a more effective treatment to dry eyes than manufactured tears.
  • Cataract Surgery – Thanks to recent technology, we are able to combine several ingredients for our patients to take before and after cataract surgery. This not only decreases the overall cost of eye drops, but it also requires less drops during the healing process.
  • Atropine – Studies show that taking Atropine drops can slow down nearsightedness. At Central Drug, we can custom compound your child’s Atropine drops with the prescription from their provider.

Pain Management

Do you struggle with Chronic Pain? Our staff can create a perfect blend of medication to help our San Antonio, Texas patients with pain management. Our alternate forms of medication include topical gels or sprays, or a flavored troche to be dissolved under the tongue.

Men's Health

We can help with many health issues for men such as testosterone balancing, hair loss, fungal infections, and more. Our pharmacist wants to help you regain your health, and maintain it.

  • Erectile Dysfunction InjectionsWhile it is taboo to talk about it, Erectile Dysfunction is actually a common occurrence in men. At Central Drug, we offer TriMix injections, which is one of the best options. Your provider can teach you how to administer the injections, and we will provide the injections for you, just like a regular prescription!

Women’s Health

At Central Drug, we want to help you feel like yourself again. We compound Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to help ease menopause symptoms, and because we know that not everyone is the same, our pharmacists can provide a hormone evaluation chart so we can provide you with the perfect customized blend.

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